The Tyranny of Words — Bruce Barton on Aggression (1951)


The semantics of human aggression assessed by famed ad executive and former Republican Congressman Bruce Barton in his Oct. 1951 column, “The Tyranny of Words”.

When Black Lives Matter, Iran Loses


When Black Lives Matter, Iran’s Anti-US Propaganda Suffers

As in the Cold War, racial inequality discredits America in view of its enemies like Iran, which relishes the propaganda opportunities. When black lives matter, the U.S. image in the world will benefit, and tyrants and human rights abusers will be discredited.

Pulling the Strings: 1962 Memo Reveals U.S. Feared Shah’s Fall


Our Policy In Iran: 1962 Memo Plots Ways To Sustain the Shah’s Rule (Or Not)

A 1962 memo by a Kennedy administration official warned the U.S.-backed Shah of Iran could fall anytime. How to keep pulling the strings in Iran — keep propping him up, or find an alternative and abandon him completely?


The Truth Behind Those “Unseen” Iran Photos in The Guardian

guardian-unseen images-1953-coup-in-iran.jpg

There’s a lot more to those “unseen” photos of the 1953 coup in Iran, supposedly shot by a U.S. aid worker, than The Guardian claims. An in-depth investigation.

National Review’s Josh Gelernter Gets Schooled On Iran (OOPS!)


National Review’s smugly rewritten “history lesson” by Josh Gelernter countering the accepted narrative about the 1953 coup in Iran, the Shah and Mossadegh was so flimsy, even they had to concede fault after we corrected them.