Rachel Maddow Squanders Rare Chance To Explain US-Iran History


The Rachel Maddow Show Squanders Rare Chance To Explain US-Iran History

VIDEO: In a careless segment on the 1953 CIA coup in Iran, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow attempts to explain U.S.-Iran history, but blows it with misleading and
incorrect information.


Shah of Iran: Women Are Inferior To Men


Shah of Iran: Women Are Inferior, “Have Produced Nothing Great”

The Shah of Iran viewed women as inferior, even “evil” creatures with nothing substantial to contribute. These interviews (with women, no less) reveal a psychologically disturbed, tortured soul….

Pulling the Strings: 1962 Memo Reveals U.S. Feared Shah’s Fall


Our Policy In Iran: 1962 Memo Plots Ways To Sustain the Shah’s Rule (Or Not)

A 1962 memo by a Kennedy administration official warned the U.S.-backed Shah of Iran could fall anytime. How to keep pulling the strings in Iran — keep propping him up, or find an alternative and abandon him completely?