At First, the U.S. Was Optimistic About New Premier Mossadegh
Yesterday (on the eve of Mossadegh’s 135th birthday, coincidentally), the State Dept. finally released its long awaited, previously suppressed volume of Iran records from 1951-1954. One of the more interesting documents is a U.S. Embassy analysis of the freshly elected Premier, which concluded that Dr. Mossadegh, who “has the confidence of the majority of Iranians”, was a leader the U.S. could envision cooperating with… 

Estimate of the Political Strength of the Mosadeq Government (1951)




Pulling the Strings: 1962 Memo Reveals U.S. Feared Shah’s Fall


Our Policy In Iran: 1962 Memo Plots Ways To Sustain the Shah’s Rule (Or Not)

A 1962 memo by a Kennedy administration official warned the U.S.-backed Shah of Iran could fall anytime. How to keep pulling the strings in Iran — keep propping him up, or find an alternative and abandon him completely?


National Review’s Josh Gelernter Gets Schooled On Iran (OOPS!)


National Review’s smugly rewritten “history lesson” by Josh Gelernter countering the accepted narrative about the 1953 coup in Iran, the Shah and Mossadegh was so flimsy, even they had to concede fault after we corrected them.

Jill Stein Blasts U.S. Foreign Policy, 1953 Coup in Iran


Jill Stein of the Green Party was one of three 2016 Presidential candidates to conjure up Premier Mohammad Mossadegh and the “tyrannical regime” that replaced him. Though most Americans think an authoritarian state “can’t happen here”, with the rise of Donald Trump, that assumption is now being tested in a major way… Jill Stein Blasts U.S. Foreign Policy, 1953 Coup in Iran



Some willfully ignorant, politically motivated revisionists have begun calling the 1953 coup in Iran a “myth”. What is the shameless Coup-denial cult hoping to achieve? THE FOLLY OF COUP-DENIAL | by Arash Norouzi

John Kerry and the Iran Deal


Now that the Iran Deal is a done deal, will it mean, as critics insist, “a death sentence for Israel” or even “the end of the world as we know it”? Or will it prove, as Obama called it, “a victory for diplomacy, for American national security and for the safety and security of the world”?  John Kerry’s Iran Deal: Smart Diplomacy or Appeasement?