The Tyranny of Words — Bruce Barton on Aggression (1951)


The semantics of human aggression assessed by famed ad executive and former Republican Congressman Bruce Barton in his Oct. 1951 column, “The Tyranny of Words”.

THE WRATH OF GOD | Bruce Barton’s anti-war sermon (1951)


THE WRATH OF GOD | Bruce Barton’s anti-war sermon (1951)

Is war “Christian”? Famed Republican ad executive and preacher’s son Bruce Barton probed this topic in his still relevant 1951 column “The Wrath of God”.

“WIPED OFF THE MAP” – The Rumor of the Century

10th Anniversary of Groundbreaking Article


Speaking of “FAKE NEWS”, today is the 10th anniversary of the groundbreaking media critique “Rumor of the Century”. Initially ignored, it soon became — quite literally — one of the most widely distributed articles in history…